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  • Interim Management
  • Company development
  • Business Development
  • Sales Development
  • Marketing
  • Export Development
  • Product Development
  • Concept Development
  • Organization Development
  • Contracts as Board  Member
  • Contracts as Agent & Dealer


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Your partner for industrial sales & marketing

About the company Tidvik AB

Tidvik AB is focused on advisory and consulting for small and medium-sized industrial enterprises and organizations. The driving force is to support our customers in corporate and business growth, increased sales and profitability. Tidvik AB works both regionally in the north of Sweden, nationally in Sweden and internationally.

Owner and Managing Director of the company is Niclas Tidstrom. We have large network both nationally and internationally linked to Tidvik AB. People with long experience in management and business development.

Before the start of Tidvik AB Niclas Tidstrom was Managing Director at Duroc Special Steel AB in the city of Lulea in the north of Sweden. Prior to that he was Sales Manager within Atlas Copco Mining and Construction, and held several senior positions in technical sales and sales management in Sweden and abroad. The experience is within technical and industrial sales nationally and internationally, production, product and business development, logistics, transport and personnel management.

Working with corporate and business development is what we at Tidvik are passionate about!

We have professional experience in the countries; Sweden, Finland, Denmark, France, Germany, England, Belgium, Canada, the USA, India and South Korea. And always want to learn more about additional countries.

We act trustworthy and can as consultants offer you structure and security. We are interested in people, meetings and business. We are social, outgoing and likes to set an example and be proud representatives of that/those we represent. We have worked with both organizations, businesses and municipalities as clients. We are accustomed negotiator and skilled presenter for both small and large groups. We are transparent, communicative and informative. And we have a happy, energetic and positive attitude.

What challenges do you and your company need help with?

You are welcome to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Development of the industry, technology and sales

What is required for you and your business to grow?

The industry with its technology and development is important for pushing Sweden and the world forward. Continuing to work on strengthening technology companies' development, production, marketing and sales is important in order to maintain regional and national competitiveness. In addition, if it can be done through cost-effective partnerships between companies at regional, national or international level, it is even better.

Tidvik AB can here assist as a partner to help companies find ways of cooperating to better market their products and services. Through an improved strategy for technical marketing and being able to participate actively in our customers' sales, we are creating opportunities for increased sales and growth. We do this through good contacts and good cooperation with companies in a number of interesting industries. As well as relationships and contacts with several important networks in business development, business, commerce, trade and export councils.

We act with the motto:

Tidvik - Your partner for industrial sales & marketing.


What are your needs? What challenge does your business have?

What kind of support does your company need in Sweden, the Nordics or elsewhere?

Looking for a skilled business consultant or a competent agent & dealer?

We are here for you! Tidvik AB offers small and medium-sized industrial enterprises development and growth.

Tidvik AB - Your partner for industrial sales & marketing!

Tidvik AB offers:

• Interim Management

• Enterprise development (strategic as well as operational)

• Business & sales development (national and international)

• Marketing

• Product, service and concept development

• Organizational Development

• Contracts as Board Member

• Contracts as Agent & Dealer

Please contact us for further discussions about how you and your business can grow and develop.

Niclas Tidstrom and Tidvik AB has a large network both nationally and internationally. Connected to us is a dedicated number of key individuals and companies that, depending on need, will be able to provide resources and expertise, to provide support, advice and consultancy in the areas and services Tidvik AB takes assignments. The persons in question have long experience of management and enterprise development.

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»  We look forward to hear from you. We listen with great interest how we can support your company in your development and growth.


In what kind of business and which industry are you and your company active?

The industries where Tidvik AB has experience and is active are:

• Steel and Mining Industry

• Mechanical Engineering Industry

• Automotive Industry

• Foundations & Infrastructure

• Pulp & Paper Industry

• Transportation & Logistics

The countries we have professional experience from are; Sweden, Finland, Denmark, France, Germany, England, Belgium, Canada, the USA, India and South Korea. And we always look forward to get to know even more countries.

Tidvik AB - your partner in the Nordics

Need for new energy, dedication and drive to take the company to the next level? Or do you want a competent partner who can represent your products as an agent or distributor?

In parallel with consultancy activities the company Tidvik AB is open to complementary agencies, partnerships, joint ventures and acquisitions.

With the people and stakeholders we have in our network, we can be a competent potential partner for you when it comes to trading in or out from the Nordic countries. The companies or the products / agencies that we may possibly involve ourselves in should be in the sectors and areas where we have experience, skills, contacts and an opportunity to contribute to the continued positive sales and development. The list of sectors and areas you see above under Industries.


Agent/Sales Representative in Sweden for Canadian company Konnek, A SaaS company, Software as a Service, with products to strenghten the conntact between end-customers, suppliers and equipment manufacturers in order to improve and secure aftermarket and sales of spareparts.For further information about the Swedish market, please call         +46 70 35 35 239 or e-mail